I’ve gotten a lot of good writing news recently, so I thought I’d round it all up to share with you in a post here. As any experienced writer can tell you, sending work out for publication or pursuing literary opportunities of any sort involves a lot of rejection, and learning to process that rejection […]

I still remember, more than a dozen years ago, the first time I noticed the gold lettering of Black Boy climbing up the blue and brickred spine of my grandmother’s 1940’s edition of Richard Wright’s memoir. The book still stands out because the title on the spine reads in the opposite direction of every other […]

I came across today’s little dose of magic in a Kenyon Review interview with Jericho Brown, whose book The New Testament left me curious to know more about his life. How much of the book, in which his brother Messiah’s death seems to occur twice and  in two different manners, is metaphor? How much (auto)biography? […]

Three contributors to The Journal, Sally Wen Mao, Hieu Minh Nguyen, and Tarfia Faizullah, are featured among Poets & Writers best new poets of 2014. They had some fabulous things to say about the challenges and inspirations of the writing process that I’d like to share with you. Writing isn’t easy, but why struggle alone […]

The Journal’s fall online issue is up, and it includes poems by such luminaries as Danez Smith, Rochelle Hurt, Sarah Vap, and April Ranger, as well as my Interview with Michael Mlekoday, where we talk about writing race, safe space, and the proper role of shit-talking in poetry. I’ve been on staff at The Journal […]

I’m seeing a lot of criticism of the National Book Award for poetry from people whose opinions I respect, but I’m not going to weigh in on that yet because I haven’t finished reading the books in question. In the meantime, I’d like to share this deeply moving speech by Ursula K. Le Guin, who […]

Hello, and welcome to A Lost Dog, my new writing blog. In the coming weeks, you’ll find posts here about writing craft and process, reflections on what makes a particular poem so damn moving, and news of upcoming publications and performances. Speaking of which, I’m excited to be reading soon in Columbus, Boston, and New Hampshire. I firmly believe that […]